Mobifree: more ethical and humane mobile software

The Freedom in Human-centred and Ethical Mobile Software (MOBIFREE) project works to give European citizens and organizations more choice in, and access to, human-centred and ethical mobile software.

why: the problem

Big Tech: bad for people and the environment

Mobile software development has been dominated in the past 20 years by Big Tech companies, who have created an IT-ecosystem that is characterized by closed-source software, proprietary standards, private data sources, harvesting of user data, privacy violations, poor labour standards and production practices that are bad for the environment. We think this needs to change.

Poor privacy

Lock-in of users / monopolies



Poor labour standards

Bad for environment

How: the solution

Our values are different

As part of the Mobifree project, twelve organizations are collaborating to develop better mobile software in a better way. Our shared values for this project are:

Respect for digital rights

We make software that prioritizes digital rights of users, such as privacy and freedom of speech.

Great quality

Our software provides users, both citizens and organizations, with a great-quality mobile phone experience.

Fair competition

Our software is interoperable and portable, using open data standards. This stimulates fair competition, resulting in better prices for users!

Empowerment of workers

Big Tech exploits labourers for their own profits. We pay our employees well, involve them in decisions and explore other ways to improve labour conditions.


Software should be available and easy to use for everyone: whether you are abled or disabled, poor or rich, and a beginner or expert IT user.

Open code/data/standards

Big Tech companies try to lock you in with their proprietary software. Our software is open-source and uses open standards and open data sources.

A strong industry

To be able to provide and keep providing our users with great software, we contribute to a thriving, resilient and collaborative mobile IT industry.

Positive for the environment

We strive towards making software in such a way that has a positive impact on the environment, e.g. by using renewable energy and encouraging long-term use and reuse.

what: what we are working on

Piloting with users

Here is what we are working on to give European citizens and organizations more choice in, and access to, human-centred and ethical mobile software:


We are using workshops and pilot-tests to gather more information about what European citizens and organizations need and value about mobile software.

Our workshops will generate a framework for which values matter most to Europeans in terms of mobile software development.

The pilots will provide input and feedback about the projects that are partners in Mobifree.

User groups

We are conducting these workshops and pilots with four groups of users: young adults, app developers, employees of municipalities and semi-public institutions, and professionals who regularly work in humanitarian crisis and disaster contexts.

These user groups were chosen to reperesent a mix of consumers, people developing software, and professional users in work environments that are of especial relevance to the European Union.

IT areas

We will then use this input and feedback from users to improve software in the following IT areas:

  • /e/OS, a fully-open-source operating system (OS) for Android-based phones
  • App stores
  • Messenging
  • Maps
  • Disaster & emergency response

All open-source and pro-privacy!

mobifree your phone!

The right tools for you

The Mobifree project was initiated and is coordinated by E Foundation, a European non-profit that develops open-source mobile software (among others, /e/OS). Here below you can read more about E Foundation and all its partners in the Mobifree project. Each picture and description takes you to the website of the partner project. Check them out, download them and MOBIFREE your phone!

E Foundation

E Foundation maintains /e/OS, a 100% open-source and privacy safe operating system based on the Android Open Source Project.

new murena logo svg


Murena provides smartphones pre-installed with /e/OS and combines them with the Murena Cloud.


microG is an open-source implementation of APIs, libraries and services that Android apps need to run.


F-Droid is an app store and database of open-source software applications for the Android platform.


Conversations is an open-source, privacy-safe and encryptable Jabber/XMPP messenger for Android.


Quicksy is a spin-off of Conversations with Easy Entry and Easy Discovery by automatic contact discovery. (pronounced “Letters”) is a proof-of-concept e-mail client based on JMAP, the next-gen email protocol.


Delta Chat is a messaging app that works over e-mail. Use it to message anyone with an e-mail address.


Rapid.Space builds an open-source, open-hardware 5G Edge Cloud to get you online in the most remote places!

Commit Global

Commit Global builds and provides open-source digital solutions for civic and humanitarian infrastructures.

Research and implementation partners

Waag Futurelab

Waag Futurelab reinforces critical reflection on technology, develops technological and social design skills, and encourages social innovation. Waag works in a trans-disciplinary team of designers, artists and scientists, utilising public research methods in the realms of technology and society. Open-source technology is of great importance to Waag in all aspects of its work.


NLnet Foundation supports organisations and people who contribute to an open internet for all. It funds projects that help fix the internet through open hardware, open software, open standards, open science and open data.


BioSense Institute (BIOS) is an R&D institute for IT in biosystems. It creates a bridge between science and business and fosters an entrepreneurial mentality. The BioSense accelerator provides mentoring, business, and scientific support to innovative entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses in developing new digital solutions and improving the existing ones.

University of Amsterdam

The Institute for Information Law (IViR) of the University of Amsterdam researches the entire spectrum of legal areas related to today’s information societies, such as: telecommunications regulation, internet regulation, freedom of expression, and privacy.

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The Freedom in Human-centred and Ethical Mobile Software (MOBIFREE) project works to give European citizens and organizations more choice in, and access to, human-centred and ethical mobile software.


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